Organic Quinua Roja 500 g


Red quinoa is low in calories and highly rich in protein and fiber. It is excellent for a low-fat diet with a moderate carbohydrate intake.

Free of saponins.
High in fiber. Protein source.
Gluten and dairy free. Suitable for vegans.
Reserve in a cool, dry place.
Easy open closure.


Chenopodium quinoa, known as quinua, quinoa or quinoa, is classified as a whole grain native to the Peruvian territory. It also falls into the category of “pseudocereal.”

Nutritional value
Size per serving 100 g.
Energy (Kcal.) 380
Proteins (g.) 15.5
Total fat (g.) 7.4
Fiber (g.) 3.2
Carbohydrates (g.) 62.5

Minerals (mg.)
Calcium 125
Phosphorus 210
Iron 4.6
Potassium 563

Amino acids (mg.)
Lysine 6.8
Methionine 2.1
Threonine 4.5
Tryptophan 1.3

Recipes you can prepare:
Rice substitute
And more.


100% Natural, Sin Gluten, Non GMO, Apto para veganos