Why consume organic?

People who buy organic are seeking assurance that food production is gentle to the earth, and also looking for safer, purer, more natural foods. Consuming organic products it’s a major step in the right direction toward optimal health and brings back the emphasis on quality.

A report by Britain’s Soil Association shows that wildlife is substantially richer and more varied on organic than on conventional farms. A typical organic field has five times as many wild plants, more species, and more birds in cultivated areas than a regular farm. Organic farms have twice as many skylarks, and twice as many butterflies so be sure that every time you eat an organic product you help restore wildlife.

Organic Certified

Our products meet the highest standards of USDA Organic Certification: Soil is thoroughly tested and must be free of chemical exposure. Products must be free of any chemical or genetically engineered ingredients. It also can’t be irradiated. Aside from buying directly from a farmer that you trust, buying USDA certified organic food is the best chance you have of knowing your food comes from a high quality source.

Our Organic Certification is issued by CERES GmbH, with this certification we guarantee to all of our consumers that we’re committed to produce 100% organic quality goods.