Our Mission

Ecoinca is an innovative young company with a mission to create the best quality exotic organic products, drawing on historical knowledge from the time of the Incas. Ecoinca doesn’t just market products but also promotes Peruvian culture with a commitment to social responsibility, sustainability and well being of others.

Creating Partnerships

We have built a close relationships with farmers to ensure superior working conditions and fair wages with sustainable harvest. Seeing first-hand how hard the farmers work to support their families, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure they were treated fairly and justly rewarded for their hard work. We believe that the more profitable and fairly treated the farmers are, the better quality our product will be.

Fair Trade

By buying this product you are supporting ethical trading practice that benefit not only the farmers but also the communities and areas from where our ingredients are produced.

Direct Sourcing

Our crops are located in the unique natiral enviroment of the Peruvian highlands, at more than 3000m above sea level. We take great pride in being hands on and directly involved with every step of our business process: from the harvesting of our herbs to building partnership with local farmers, processing and packaging, and of course in helping Ecoinca Organic Tea reach the shelf.